What are the Blue bottles?

Some of you could have noticed the blue bottles in some of these clinics, standing among other skincare products.
It stands out so uniquely, isn't it?

These are new skincare products just arrived in Malaysia.
Brandname is HYDRON.
HYDRON is manufactured in USA.

There are HYDRON Professional Basic Series and HYDRON Professional Treatment Series.

HYDRON Professional Basic Series includes:
1) Microdermabrasion Facial Cleanser with Self-Adjusting Cystals
2) H3P Daily Facial Moisturizer
3) H3P Restorative Night Cream
4) H3P Eye Cream

HYDRON Professional Treatment Series includes:
1) H3P Vital Recovery Serum
2) Self-Adjusting Retinol 1.0 Serum
3) Pure Radiance Brightening Solution
4) Pore Redefining and Resurfacing Glucosamine