News 20/Jan/2006

HYDRON Professional Series (both Basic and Treatment ranges) started from this breakthrough in skincare delivery system.

20-Jan-2006 -

Hydron Technologies has been granted a US patent for a self-adjusting emulsion system aimed at a variety of cosmeceutical applications, including anti-aging, sunscreen and acne products. (Named 'Aclime Technologies')

Described as Compositions and Methods for Delivery of Skin Cosmeceuticals for the patenting process, the emulsion system is said to incorporate a number of significant advancements over existing emulsion systems on the market due to its slight acidity.

As well as cosmetic applications, Aclime Technologies says that the emulsion has also been clinically proven to be effective for a range of cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

An emulsion is a mixture of two non-miscible substances, for example oil and aqueous and are an essential part in the formulation of a variety of cosmetics products formation, helping to promote stability and shelf-life of the final product. Without them, products would spoil more easily, leading to problems such as separation of ingredients and difficulties in blending.

The big difference in Hydron Technologies emulsion system is that the epidermal surface is slightly acidic. According to the company, recent studies have demonstrated that the skin's barrier recovery is most active when the skin's acidity is maintained, while barrier recovery is actually delayed when exposed to neutral or slightly alkaline environments.

Likewise various hydrolytic enzymes responsible for the formation of essential intercorneocyte lipids are only activated with an acidic pH.

These two reasons were the primary motivation behind developing an emulsion that had both balancing effects for formulations, as well as helping to boost the acidity of the skin upon topical application.

David Pollock, Hydron's CEO, said, "The majority of skin treatments use emulsifying agents that are non-volatile, remaining on the skin until removed by cleansing, and have a neutral pH of 6 to 7.5. These traditional emulsion systems interfere with normal skin regenerative functions and are actually detrimental."

The company claims its emulsion allows for an initial neutral pH of 6.5 to 7 upon application to the skin, which then evaporates and self-adjusts to the skin's natural slightly acidic pH of 4.5 to 5.

"We believe our innovative delivery system is a significant advancement in cosmetic skincare," Pollock added. " While many companies have focused on the latest hot ingredient, they have continued to neglect the fundamental problems associated with the damage emulsion systems cause while remaining on the skin."

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