Glucosamine - Skin Gets Darker

We get few enquries that face look darker after initial application of Pore Redefining & Resurfacing Glucosamine. Should they stop using the product?


Subtilisin is one the key ingredients among others eg Vitamin-C and Glucosamine in the bottle. Subtilisin is a bioactive enzyme that promotes the renewal of the epidermal cells on the surface of the skin. Together with Vitamin-C, exfoliation of dead skin cells is initiated and therefore the discoloration of the skin or mild skin peeling could be seen in some individuals. If the discoloration gets darker first, it is rising to the surface to be exfoliated by Subtilisin.

This skin reaction is transient. Your skin would look glowing after this initial period which usually takes not longer than 4 weeks.

Therefore it is especially important to continue with the product regime. At the same time, it is essential to use HYDRON H3P Daily Face Moisturiser in the day and H3P Restorative Night Cream in the night for moisturizing benefits.

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