H3P Eye Cream - Local Testimonials 2

A housewife in her mid-30's.

* She was using eye cream which was recommended by a neighborhood beautician for years and saw no reason to change her eye cream.
* She started her 1st HYDRON H3P Eye Cream after her family doctor's suggestion and since there was not much price difference.
* She saw her eye lines disappeared after 1 week of application. She admitted her eye lines were "mild" before the application. She is happy with the HYDRON H3P Eye Cream and see no reason to stop using it.

Doctor's advice:
It is advisable to start applying eye cream even though the wrinkle or lines might look 'mild' or 'insignificant'. It is always wiser to 'prevent' than to 'cure' as the wrinkle may become more 'stubborn' when one aged.

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