H3P Eye Cream - Local Testimonials 1

A lady officer in her early 40's.

* not using any eye cream before,
* seeked help only after lines appeared at corner of eyes near nose ridge,
* used few over-the-counter products and found them neither not-effective nor oily,
* started using HYDRON H3P Eye Cream after consultation with a doctor
* saw almost immediate result on first application.
* finished first bottle about 4 months later and didn't continue
* lines re-appeared few months later
* She bought the next bottle of HYDRON H3P Eye Cream. Lines diminished upon application of HYDRON H3P Eye Cream

Doctor's advice: Considering her age and lifestyle, she is advised to apply the HYDRON H3P Eye Cream on daily basis, morning and night. Letting the lines to re-appear for not applying moisturizing therapy consistently could only 'give chance' for the lines to 'stay stronger' which might be irreversible with topical eye cream.

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